Little Owl Massage & Wellness
About the Practitioner

Barbra A. Hassett, LMT
Graduated Class of 2012 from Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage, Rochester, NY.

I had always thought about becoming a massage therapist but was never sure if it would be the right decision; however a severe infection in my arm that almost cost me my life made me re-evaluate things and I knew I had to make the big step to go back to school to learn massage.

I went to school for massage here in Rochester and took my licensure exam January of 2013. I have worked out of a medical massage practice as well as a spa setting and offer both types of services to clients. I am continually working on improving my skills so that I will be able to deliver the best treatment possible for my clientele. 

Because I have first handedly experienced the therapeutic benefits of massage to my arm(which had surgeries and skin grafting) my goal is to work with people who have had surgeries, traumatic injuries or have chronic pain; such as veterans, people living with firbromyalgia, lupus, MS and the like. In addition I also provide relaxation massage, pregnancy, deep tissue and treatment massage.

When not massaging I enjoy spending time at home with my family. I like crocheting and working in my garden when the weather cooperates.